St. Olav menighets segl

St. Olav Catholic Parish, Trondheim


Bishop Bernt Eidsvig

Bishop Bernt Eidsvig Can. Reg is bishop in Oslo Catholic Bishopric and Apostolic Administrator in Trondheim Diocese. He was born in Rjukan and was accepted into the full communion of the Catholic Church in 1977. He studied theology at the University of Oslo and at Heythrop College i England. In 1982 he was ordained in Oslo, whereupon he worked as chaplain and later parrish priest in St. Paul in Bergen. In 1991 he entered the Augustinian Canonry in Klosterneuburg, Austria. On the 22. October 2005 he was consecrated as bishop of Oslo and in 2009 he was appointed as Apostolic Administrator in the diocese of Trondheim, Central Norway.

Vicar General and Parish Priest Dom Albert Maczka

Parish Priest Dom Albert Maczka Can.Reg., was born in 1967 in Kielce, Polen. He was ordained in the Cathedral in Kielce in 1992. Until 2005 he worked as chaplain in three different parishes in Poland while studying philosophy with a focus on the concept of substance in St. Thomas Aquinas. He was called back to his bishopric for further duties in spiritual guidance and had to discontinue his work without offering the final defence of his thesis. He was admitted to the Augustinian Canons in Klosterneuburg in Vienna and made his first promises in 2006. From 2007 until 2009 he worked as chaplain in St. Paul Parish in Bergen. On 28. August 2009 he made his solemn promises in Klosterneuburg. From 2010 he has been Vicar General for Trondheim Diocese and parish priest in St. Olav Parish.

Sverresgt. 1, 7012 Trondheim; Phone 73 52 77 05; Albert.Maczka [krøll]

Chaplain p.Egil Mogstad

Egil Mogstad, born 1948, was ordained in the Norwegian Lutheran Church in 1974. He was accepted into the Catholic Church 4. September 1976. He spent four years as a novice with the Dominicans in Strasbourg and Paris and took temporary vows, but returned to Trondheim and a position as teacher at Trondheim Cathedral School. He remained there for 32 years teaching French, Latin, history and religion. He has also taught liturgy at the Music Conservatory at the University in Trondheim (NTNU). All this time he has been passionately involved in the Church in Trondheim. On 26. January 2014 he was ordained in the Catholic Church. The ordination took place in Nidaros Cathedral, the first Catholic ordination in this cathedral since the Reformation in 1537. He started his work as chaplain in St. Olav on 27. January 2014.

Kapellan Slawomir Czuba

 Slawomir Czuba (…kall me Slawek [suawek]) er født 6. august 1983 i Debica i Polen. Han studerte ved  presteseminaret I Tarnow fra 2002 til 2008, der han tok en magistergrad i psykologi. Han ble diakonviet i juni 2007 og presteviet 31. mai 2008. Han har jobbet som kapellan i Kruzlowa (2008-11) og i Mielec-Ducha Swietego (2011-14). Han har pastoral erfaring fra barne- og ungdomsarbeid og arbeid i familier.  Han snakker engelsk og polsk, er glad i å lese og spille fotball. Fra 1. september 2014 virker han som kapellan i St. Olav menighet i Trondheim med særlig ansvar for den polske delen av menigheten. 


P.Olav Müller

P.Olav Müller was born Trondhjem in 1924. He was accepted into the Catholic Church in 1944, and entered the German Province of the Picpus Paters (SS.CC.) where he gave his first promises in 1949. He was ordained in 1945 in Trondheim. After working as a chaplain in Germany for two years he came to Trondheim. Here he was chaplain for two years and the parish priest. He has also been parish priest in Ålesund, Kristiansund and Drammen. He retired  in 2009 and settled in the Picpus Paters' apartment in Trondheim. In 2010 he was made Honorary Member of Norway's Young Catholics. He has written about his life in the book Pateren dypper pennen - katolsk skjemt og alvor.[The Pater dips his pen, Catholic humour and gravity] (St. Olav forlag 2010). In addition, P.Olav has written numerous articles and lectures, an overview of which may be found on

Erling Skakkes gt. 52B, 7012 Trondheim; Phone: 73 52 27 43


Chancellor of the Catholic Church in Trondheim Diocese Unn Lindgard Madsø

Unn Lindgard Madsø has been Chancellor of the Catholic Church in Trondheim Diocese since 2011. The office of chancellor is central to the Curia in Trondheim Diocese. The responsibilities cover a wide field. Unn administers the office for the bishop jointly with the Vicar General. Her responsibilities include the staff in the diocese, she is in charge of finances, wages and salaries for all priests and other employees and she looks after buildings and property of the diocese.

Lade allé 18B, 7041 Trondheim; Phone: 916 72 357 unn.lindgard.madso [krøll]


Økonom Per Albert Vold

Per Albert Vold ble utnevnt av Biskop Bernt Eidsvig til økonom for Territorialprelaturet Trondheim 14 august 2014. Utnevnelsen har en varighet av fem år. Per Albert har sin utdannelse fra BI og god erfaring med økonomi fra driften av sin foretning. Han er også ansvarlig for driften av St. Eystein bok butikk i St. Olav kirke i Trondheim.  

Cantor Ulf Schancke

Ulf Schancke has been cantor in St. Olav Parish for 13 years altogether. As cantor he is responsible for the liturgical music. He is organist, he leads the church choir and he decides which Mass will be sung for each Sunday and Feast Day. Ulf is also a considerable composer, and has composed much of what we sing during Mass, for Introit, Eucharistic Communion Chant and some Responsorial Psalms.

Ulf.Schancke [krøll]


Parish secretary Ewa Kauczynska

As secretary to the parish Ewa has a number of duties. She answers St. Olav Parish's telephone and is responsible for all office work. This includes among other things keeping the parish register and the church register for baptisms, weddings etc. She is also in charge of mailing the Parish Newsletter to those who subscribe to it.

Phone: 73 52 12 14 Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 12 noon -5 pm.

Parish Council 2014

Isabel Bjørnås (from the Philippines), Jan Inge Fossmo (norwegian from Meldal in Trøndelag), Lam Nguyen Hoang (from Vietnam), Yosef Solomon Kelit (from Eritrea), Trude Waage (norwegian from Tromsø), Josef Solawa (from Polen) og Suzana Zoric (from Kroatia). 

Editors of the printed newsletter

In the centre, chief editor Suzana Zoric flanked by assistant Thor-Erik Forsmark (left) and Parish Priest and General Vicar Dom Albert Maczka (right). 

St. Olav Catholic Parish
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Parish office hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 12 noon - 5 pm.
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Parish priest: trondheim [krøll]
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