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St. Olav Catholic Cathedral Parish, Trondheim



Masses during Christmas

Start date: 23. December
End date:  - 6. January


Masses - Christmas 2018

Sunday 23rd of December – 4th Sunday of Advent.
09.00 Mass (Latin)
11.00 High Mass (Norwegian)
13.00 Mass (Polish)
15.00 Mass (Vietnamese)
18.00 Mass (English)

Monday 24th of December – Solemnity and Octave – Christmas Eve.

15.00: Mass with Children’s Christmas Play (Norwegian)
18.00 Mass (English)
24.00 Midnight Mass (Norwegian)
24.00 Tiller: Midnight Mass (Polish)

Tuesday 25th of December – Christmas Day.
09.00 Mass (Latin)
10.00 Oppdal (Fagerhaug): Mass (Polish) 
11.00 High Mass (Norwegian)
13.00 Mass (Polish)
16.00 Støren: Mass (Polish)
18.00 Mass (English)

Wednesday of the Christmas Octave - 26th of December - 2nd Day of Christmas - St. Stephen, deacon and First Martyr of the Church.
11.00 High Mass (Norwegian)
12.00 Frøya: Mass (English and Polish)
13.00 Eritrean liturgy and gathering
18.00 Løkken Verk: Mass (Polish)

Thursday of the Christmas Octave - 27th of December - St. John Apostle and Evangelist.
18.00 Mass (Norwegian)

Friday of the Christmas Octave - 28th of December - The Innocent Children of Bethlehem.

18.00 Mass

Saturday of the Christmas Octave - 29th of December - St. Thomas Becket.

18.00 Mass

Sunday 30th of December:
09.00 Mass (Latin)
11.00 High Mass
13.00 Mass (Polish)
15.00 Mass (Lithuanian)
18:00 Mass (English)

Monday 31st of December - The Feast of The Holy Family.

18.00 Mass 
19.00 Mass (English)

Tuesday 1st of January - New Year Day - Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God.
11.00 High Mass (Norwegian)
13.00 Mass (Polish)
18.00 Mass (English)

Wednesday 5th of January - Vigil for the Epiphany of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
14.00 Oppdal: Mass (Polish)
17.00 Støren: Mass (Polish)
18.00 Vigil Mass (Norwegian)

Sunday 6th of January – Solemnity of the Epiphany of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

09.00 Mass (latin)
11.00 High Mass (Norwegian)
14.00 Oppdal: Mass (Polish)
15.00 Mass (Philippine)
17.00 Støren: Mass (Polish)
18.00 Mass (English)


At Oppdal: Lutheran Church of Fagerhaug 
At Støren: Lutheran Church of Støren 
At Løkken Verk: Lutheran Chapel of Bjørnli
At Frøya: Lutheran Community House at Sistranda

When place is not mentioned, the Mass takes place at St. Olav Cathedral.

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