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St. Olav Catholic Parish, Trondheim


St. Olav relic has found its home in Rouen Cathedral

The St. Olav relic was presented by Bishop Bernt Eidsvig to Archbishop Jean Charles Descubes of Rouen during the official French/Norwegian pontifical mass in Rouen Cathedral on Sunday 19. October. See the video with interview in French with p. Egil Mogstad and the Archbishop of Rouen in connection with the presentation. [more]

St. Olav's Memorial Plague in the Crypt of Notre Dame de Rouen

The stone plaque is a gift from Nidaros Cathedral's Restoration (NDR) in cooperation with the Catholic Church and the Norwegian Church[more]

Christmas Fair on Sunday 16. November after the 11 o'clock Mass. Proceeds go towards the New Church!

Have you something to sell at the Christmas Fair? Bring it to church, there will be a collection point in St. Olav every Sunday. Are you one of the many talented craft people in our congregation? Hand made items are very welcome. Many people have already told us that they will produce things especially for the Christmas Fair. [more]

Orthodox chapel at Stiklestad

October 16. was an important day at Stiklestad. A Russian-Orthodox chapel was consecrated, so now there are three religious buildings at Stiklestad dedicated to St. Olav: a lutheran church, a Catholic chapel and an Orthodox chapel. St. Olav is an important saint in the orthodox church. Not only is he part of the united church which existed before...[more]

Catholic Forum 4. November: Rome - the eternal city

Architect, also "Cathedral Architect", Arne Gunnarsjaa has lived many years in Rome and knows the city well. He delights in sharing his knowledge and experiences with others. Many of us have had much pleasure from his book "Rome in small portions" as a guide on our visits to the city.[more]

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Coming events

25. October 11:00 - 12:30
Childrens Group
On Saturday there will be activities in the Parish Hall at 11:00. We will play and have fun, sais...
28. October 19:15 - 19:45
Course of instruction for those who want to know more about the Catholic faith.
The course on the 28th October takes place in the parish hall/interimchurch as usual. The next...
1. November 18:30 - 19:30
All Saints
4. November 19:30 - 21:30
Catholic forum: Rome - eternal city
Next meeting: Architect Arne Gunnarsjaa, who for many years held the position as Cathedral...
16. November 12:30 - 14:00
Christmas fair after the 11 o'clock mass Sunday 16.November
See separate news item.
16. November 19:30 - 22:00
Pre-Christmas party and Carol concert
The event takes place in the parish hall. There will be presentation of Christmas Carols from many...

Parish bank accounts

To help build the new St. Olav cathedral, please use bank account number 4200 36 09736.

For general gifts for the parish, please use account number 4200 59 64088.

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