St. Olav menighets segl

St. Olav Catholic Parish, Trondheim


Changes in Trondheim Diocese

During the Pontifical Mass in Nidaros Cathedral on the Feast of St. Olav, 29. July, Bishop Bernt Eidsvig announced the following changes in Trondheim Diocese: [more]

From The USA to The Feast of St. Olav in Trondheim!

We met Fr. Rolf while we studied the grave site of Bernt Julius Muus at the Nidaros cemetery. Nine year-old Sindre was interested in the inscription saying that Muus was the founder of St. Olaf College. At this moment a Catholic priest by the name of Fr. Rolf came by, and he informed us that he had studied at St. Olaf College. Fr. Rolf had come...[more]

A cornerstone during the Feast of St. Olav!

The Catholic Church's Feast of St. Olav would not be the same without Marie Helène and her outstanding team! Enjoying the open house and Marie Helène's delicious meals, our visitors and pilgrims receive the best of care and hospitality while celebrating the Feast of St Olav with us. [more]

When does the construction work on the new St. Olav Cathedral start?

Many are eagerly waiting for the work to start on the site behind the large building site poster. But first there are urgent preparations to carry out, says p. Egil Mogstad, like for instance examining the building ground. [more]

Les artikkel om vår menighet i Vårt Land.

En journalist fra Vårt Land har tatt seg tid til å overvære alle messene i løpet av en søndag i juni. I artikkelen kommer det tydelig frem hvor viktig Den katolske kirke er her i Trondheim og i Norge for øvrig, ikke minst når det gjelder integrering av våre nye landsmenn.[more]

Possible translation delays

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Coming events

5. July - 30. August
Please note, there are no masses in Tagalog, Tamil, Spanish, Lithuanian or Vietnamese in July and August
 due to the summer holidays.
6. August 18:30 - 19:00
Transfiguration, Feast
10. August 18:30 - 19:00
Feast of St. Lawrence
15. August 18:30 - 19:15
Assumption, Solemnity
24. August 18:30 - 19:00
Batholomew the Apostle, Feast.

Parish bank accounts

To help build the new St. Olav cathedral, please use bank account number 4200 36 09736.

For general gifts for the parish, please use account number 4200 59 64088.

St. Olav Catholic Parish
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Bank account: 4200 59 64088
New St. Olav church: 4200 36 09736

Phone: 73 52 12 14

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