St. Olav menighets segl

St. Olav Catholic Cathedral Parish, Trondheim


This year's Olsok Lecture by Dom Erik Varden

(The lecture will be held in Norwegian.) Tanken på å påtvinge andre vår tro, er oss fjern i våre dager.Vi har liten sans for en sammenblanding av religion og statsmakt.Hvordan forholder vi oss så til Olavs kristningsverk? Berører Olsok i det hele tatt noe håndfast og allmengyldig i vårt folks egenart? Hva slags oppgave står Olavsarven for i vår...[more]

Youthful St. Olav celebration!

The average age of the participants in this year’s St. Olav celebration (Olsok) will be less than usual due to 40 young people from the Catholic Youth Society of Norway (NUK) who will be joining the event. Half of the group will go on pilegrimage across the mountain massif Dovre.[more]

Confirmation 2019

We have recently sent out invitations to confirmation preparations to all registered members in the parish born in 2004. The confirmation preparations will take place every second Wednesday and starts in September. New this year is that the actual confirmation will take place on Whit Saturday, June 8th. This because we think it is most...[more]

Catechesis for children born 2010 or 2011

We have recently sent out invitations to catechesis on Saturdays for all children registered in the parish, born in 2010 or 2011. From this year on, the preparations before the first Holy Communion will last for two years.[more]

Vipps for St. Olav Parish

Cash is no longer necessary for the church collect, coffee and food after mass or donations to St. Olav cathedral. Many are already familiar with this method of payment. On the Vipps app they should search for “Den katolske kirke Midtnorge” (#501769). There are several options like “Kollekt” (collect), “Kirkekaffe” (food and coffee after mass) and...[more]

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Coming events

25. June - 19. August
The parish office opening hours, summer 2018
In connection with school holidays and summer vacation, the parish office will have adjusted...
27. July
Friday 27. July: Olsok celebration day 1.
18:00 opening mass in St. Olav cathedral. Followed by open house in the parish center.   14:00...
28. July
Saturday 28. July: Olsok celebration day 2
Day trip to Stiklestad. Registration is required for bus and dinner, please see the registration...
29. July
Sunday 29. July:The solemnity for St. Olav, Norway's Patron Saint, King and Martyr
9:00 Mass in Latin in St. Olav Cathedral. 11:00 Olsok Lecture (in Norwegian). 14:30 Pontifikal mass...

Parish bank accounts

To help build the new St. Olav cathedral, please use bank account number 4200 36 09736.

For general gifts for the parish, please use account number 4200 59 64088.

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