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Will the Archangel Michael be in place on Michaelmas 29. September?

Many will have noticed the newly installed stone pedestal standing by the confessional In St. Olav Cathedral, wondering what it’s purpose may be. It is waiting for a large statue of St. Michael, parish priest Egil Mogstad tells us. It is an old wooden statue from the 17th century, in great need of restoration.

St. Michael Archangel

It will have its place in the church, with a table for devotional candles in front of it, inviting us to contribute by lighting candles. The contributions from parish members and visitors will be spent on repair and restoration. We plan to have the statue in place for Michaelmas, says fr. Egil

The statue of St. Michael was part of the interior of the Sacred Heart Church in Ila, Trondheim, together with four other sculptures from the same epoch. They all came from a closed church In Belgium, given as a gift to the inauguration of the new church in Trondheim in 1881. I see it as our obligation to take care of this statue, says fr. Egil, but no heavy duty as it is a fine piece of Spanish-Flemish art. It will be treated with a base layer of plaster and resin as a foundation for polychrome painting. Fully restored, it will look like it did in the 17th century. Together with a chalice, it is the only object we have left from The Sacred Heart Church. 

St. Michael is in need of new wings, the originals are lost. The arms have fallen off, but are intact. The same goes for the tale of the devil that lies beaten under the foot of the Archangel. 




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