St. Olav menighets segl

St. Olav Catholic Cathedral Parish, Trondheim


Confirmation and Pentecost celebration 2018

This year's Pentecost and confirmations (36 confirmants this year) were this year - as the tradition goes in Trondheim - celebrated by Bishop Eidsvig.

The church was filled to the brim, even with extra chairs and all standing area occupied (both as far as the fire regulations allow), attendants had to stand out through the entrance and outside the church.

But - as our Vicar Mogstad said at the beginning of the Mass, this is not only a big day for the confirmants and their families, but also a day of a certain wistfulness, as it most likely will be the last time these occasions are celebrated by Bishop Eidsvig here in Trondheim. 
By this time next year we will most likely have "our own" (Trondheim's own, that is) bishop.
It will still not be a final goodbye, though - the Bishop will be back for the Olsok celebrations, and it is also our hope and wish that he will visit us on other, future occasions.

Pictures from the comfirmation: (photographer: Jan Erik Kofoed).



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