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Trondheim will again have our own Bishop

As already written on these pages, this years Chrism Mass was attended by the Nuntius of the Scandinavian Coutries, mgr. James Patric Green.   Monday, however, he could reveal that the main purpose of his visit to Trondheim was that Pope Francis has decided that Trondheim again shall have its own Bishop.

Mgr. Green has been set to facilitate and lead this process, all the way up to recommending candidates to the Pope. 

His visit to Trondheim this time was well planned, as he now had the opportunity to talk with alle the priests of the Parish, as they were here because of the Chrism Mass and renewing their priest vows. 

Our parish has now for the past eight and a half years been administrated by Bishop Bernt Eidsvig.

P. Mogstad says we are looking forward to again have our "own" bishop, and encourages everyone to pray for a successful result of this process, finally leading to a new Bishop of Trondheim.
He also says that mgr. Green would very much like to hear from the parishioners , and that this is best done by writing him a letter - that is NOT an email - directly to Nuntius. The Nunciature has its own web site, on which you can find contact info.

Follow this link for photos from the Chrism Mass. (Photos: Jan Erik Kofoed)

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