St. Olav menighets segl

St. Olav Catholic Cathedral Parish, Trondheim


Bishop Bernt Eidsvig

Bishop Bernt Eidsvig Can. Reg is bishop in Oslo Catholic Bishopric and Apostolic Administrator in Trondheim Diocese. He was born in Rjukan and was accepted into the full communion of the Catholic Church in 1977. He studied theology at the University of Oslo and at Heythrop College i England. In 1982 he was ordained in Oslo, whereupon he worked as chaplain and later parrish priest in St. Paul in Bergen. In 1991 he entered the Augustinian Canonry in Klosterneuburg, Austria. On the 22. October 2005 he was consecrated as bishop of Oslo and in 2009 he was appointed as Apostolic Administrator in the diocese of Trondheim, Central Norway.

Generalvikar Ole Martin Stamnestrø

Ole Martin Stamnestrø has been General Vicar of Trondheim Diocese since August 2015. He was born and grew up in Ås, south of Oslo.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in theology at Durham University in 2001, followed by a master’s degree in church history in 2003 and a PhD in liturgical history in 2007 at Oxford. In 2010 he completed a master’s degree in Catholic theology at Menighetsfakultetet in Oslo. After receiving his ordination candidature from bishop Bernt Eidsvig in 2010, he studied at the University of Munich where he obtained a lic.theol in January 2012.

In 2010 he was ordained priest by Bishop Bernt Eidsvig in St. Olav Cathedral, Oslo. He has been parish priest of Vår Frue Church in Ålesund since September 2013.

Parish preast Egil Mogstad

Egil Mogstad was appointed parish priest in St. Olav parish, Trondheim 29. October 2015.

P. Egil was born in 1948 in Trondheim. After completing his theological studies in Oslo in 1974 he was ordained priest in the Norwegian Lutheran Church and worked as assistant priest in Nidaros Cathedral, but after two years, in 1976, he left the protestant church and converted to Catholisism. He then spent four years in a Dominican Monastery in France. Poor health and uncertainty as to his calling to be a monk brought him back to Trondheim. For 32 years he worked at Trondheim Cathedral School, teaching French, Latin, history and religious studies. In addition he taught liturgical history and general liturgy at the conservatory at NTNU. He was ordained a deacon in the Catholic Church at Olsok 2013 and consecrated to the priesthood the following year. For a more detailed article about p. Egil see here. 

Email: mogstad [at]     Phone: 73808751

Chaplain Slawomir Czuba

Slawomir Czuba ("…please call me Slawek [suawek]") was born 6. August 1983 in Debica in Polen. He studied at the seminary in Tarnow fom 2002-2008, where he took an MA i psychology. He was ordained deacon in June 2007 and ordained to the priesthood on 31. May 2008. He has worked as chaplain in Kruzlowa (2008-11) and in Mielec-Ducha Swietego (2011-14). His experience is especially from work with children, young people and families. He speaks Polish, English and Norwegian, likes to read and play football.  As from 1. September 2014 he is chaplain in St. Olav parish in Trondheim with particular responsibility for  the polish section of the parish.
Email: s3czuba [at]   Phone: 73808752

Chaplain Paul Opata

Paul was born in 1980 by Lake Victoria in Kenya. After studies and work in his home country, he came to Norway as a student. In august 2014 he was accepted into St. Eystein Priest seminary.

Paul had his practicum in St. Olav parish, until his priestly ordination 21. April 2018. He will work especially with ministrants, young adults and English-speaking students.

Phone: 73 80 87 54 and 483 96 189





Chaplain Marcos Pablo Banzon Delos Trino

Father Marlo (which he would like to be called - a combination of the names Marcos and Marlo) was born November 10, 1965 in Dagupan, Philippines.

He was ordained a deacon in the Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan in 1997 and a priest of Balanga Bataan in December of the same year. He served for 9 years as a priest in Hong Kong, where he taught both to speak and write Chinese. After this he has been a priest in the Philippines, in the city of Binmaley in the northern province of Pangasinan.

In addition to Filipino and Chinese, he speaks English.

He came to Norway and Trondheim on October 10, 2018, and is parish chaplain of the Trondheim Foundation, with special responsibility for the philippines in the foundation.

Email: marcos.trinos [at] Phone: 73808753  Mobile: 925280001

Chancellor of the Catholic Church in Trondheim Diocese Unn Lindgard Madsø

Unn Lindgard Madsø has been Chancellor of the Catholic Church in Trondheim Diocese since 2011. The office of chancellor is central to the Curia in Trondheim Diocese. The responsibilities cover a wide field. Unn administers the office for the bishop jointly with the Vicar General. Her responsibilities include the staff in the diocese, she is in charge of finances, wages and salaries for all priests and other employees and she looks after buildings and property of the diocese.

Lade allé 18B, 7041 Trondheim; Phone: 916 72 357 unn.lindgard.madso [at]

Economist Per Albert Vold

Per Albert Vold was appointed economist by Bishop Bernt Eidsvig for the Diocese of Trondheim on 14. august 2014. The appointment lasts for five years. Per Albert was educated at BI and has good experience with economy from the management of his own business. He is also responsible for St. Eystein bookshop in St. Olav Church in Trondheim.   

Cantor Ulf Schancke

Ulf Schancke has been cantor in St. Olav Parish for 13 years altogether. As cantor he is responsible for the liturgical music. He is organist, he leads the church choir and he decides which Mass will be sung for each Sunday and Feast Day. Ulf is also a considerable composer, and has composed much of what we sing during Mass, for Introit, Eucharistic Communion Chant and some Responsorial Psalms.

Ulf.Schancke [at]


Parish Council 2017

The Parish Council consists of seven members:
Klaus Andersen, Marc Dhainaut, Dominika Kowalczyk, Hege Strand, Maria Fe Sæter, Beata Turek, Unn Madsø and Theodor With.

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