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    Trinity Sunday

    On Sunday 7th of June we celebrate the feast of The Holy Trinity. We may gain a deeper understanding of the Trinity by reading the Athanasian Creed (5th century):

    "And the catholic faith is this: That we worship one God in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity; Neither confounding the persons nor dividing the substance.

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  • Masses in St. Olav Cathedral in June 2020

    Celebration of Mass with up to 50 participants is up and running with masses every day in St. Olav Cathedral. See list with all masses in June below.

    Due to strict Covid-19 infection control measures, it is still necessary to reserve seats for those who wish to attend Mass. This is done via the church's own ticket system at…

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    Pentecost or Whit Sunday (Whitsun)

    "Pentecost" is from Greek meaning "fiftieth." The name Pentecost was originally given to the Jewish Feast of Weeks(Shavuot) which fell on the fiftieth day after Passover. Originally this feast lasted for seven days. On Shavuot the Jews celebrates that the Torah was given to them on the Mount Sinai, and the wheat is riped for harvest.

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  • Cinema evening with Katolsk Forum (Catholic Forum)

    Catholic Forum will have no movie nights in the parish hall this spring, but takes the initiative for all to go together to see the movie "Corpus Christi". This is a Polish movie with keywords such as "ethics", "morals", "reconciliation" and "forgiveness", based on a story of a former criminal who pretends to be a priest, and gets a temporary…

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  • [Translate to Engelsk:]

    Caritas Trondheim has started food distribution

    There are many who are struggling to make ends meet these days, therefore Caritas Trondheim has started a collaboration with the food center and distributes food to those who need it.

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    The doors of St. Olav Cathedral will open again.

    Finally we can participate in Mass in our own church again. The first Mass will take place on Saturday May 16th at 18:00. Please remember to reserve seats.

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  • We need volunteers!

    We will soon be able to attend Mass at St. Olav Cathedral again!
    In order to keep everyone safe, we need more church hosts.
    We also need volunteers who can help disinfect / clean benches etc between Masses.

    Volunteers must be younger than 65 years.

    Please contact p. Slawomir if you would like to help.
    By email: Slawomir.Czuba(at)katolsk.no
    or phone:…

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  • Our Parish Priest is on sick leave

    Fr. Egil Mogstad will be on partial sick leave the next few weeks.
    Apart from celebrating a few masses he will be withdrawn from first line duty.
    Fr. Slawomir Czuba will be in his place in his absence.
    All inquiries must be made to Fr. Slawomir or the parish office.
    Please find our contact information here!

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    We will celebrate Mass in St. Olav Cathedral again, starting next weekend.

    Now that the authorities have eased the restrictions, and the government allows gatherings in public places with up to 50 participants, we can again open the church doors and welcome you to Mass.

    Mass must be celebrated both safely solemnly. Therefore, in order to be sure that the celebrations can take place safely, we must spend a few days to…

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