St. Olav menighets segl

St. Olav Catholic Cathedral Parish, Trondheim


Youthful St. Olav celebration!

The average age of the participants in this year’s St. Olav celebration (Olsok) will be less than usual due to 40 young people from the Catholic Youth Society of Norway (NUK) who will be joining the event. Half of the group will go on pilegrimage across the mountain massif Dovre.

From Hjerkinn they will go by train, to meet the other half of the group at Heimdal, and together they walk on to Trondheim and Nidaros Cathedral, site of the unknown grave of St. Olav.


We will participate in the main events of the St. Olav celebration during Friday, Saturday and Sunday, says NUK leader Jacob Voigt. There will also be a youth festival with separate events, to which members of other youth associations are invited.  We look very much forward to Olsok in Trondheim, says Jacob Voigt!



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