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35 boy scouts from Versailles celebrating mass!

A group of French scouts arrived in Trondheim on Friday 2 August where they visited Nidarosdomen and St. Olav cathedral. After that they set out on foot towards Munkeby Mariakloster first, and then to Tautra Mariakloster where they plan to arrive on 9 August.

Parish priest Egil Mogstad celebrating mass with the scouts. franske speidere.

The alter was built by the scouts.

On their way to the farm of Frøydis og Louis de Damas Danlezy.

These scouts belong to the association of Scouts d’Europe, and they are from the age of 16 and upwards. They walk as much as possible in nature, and spend the night under the open sky. On Sunday they made a detour through Mostadmarka in order to visit the farm of Frøydis and Louis de Damas Danlezy whom we know from Sunday mass in St. Olav cathedral. Parish priest Egil Mogstad joined them to celebrate mass there. The scouts had built an alter out of available materials, and ministered at mass. 

It was a very special experience for all who attended, says Fr. Egil. The journey is inspired by the monastic lifestyle. The group goes through the daily mass readings every morning, and during the day they meditate on spiritual themes like “poverty”, “vocation” and “reading the scripture.” There is also a “Hermit day” where they find themselves a space in nature and stay in solitude. After evening prayers there is silence until morning prayers, as in the Cistercian monasteries.

Scouts d’Europe is a Catholic scouts association with members who are traditional Catholics. To meet this large group of dedicated youth made a strong impression, says Fr. Egil, who looks forward to the report when the journey is completed.








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