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Appeal for solidarity with the people ande the Catholic Church in Eritrea

We Eritreans in St. Olav parish would like to inform you about som sad recent developments an measures undertaken against the Catholic Church in Eritrea. At the moment our people and our Church in Eritrea are going through a difficult time.

Some weeks ago the regime in the country confiscated 22 health stations owned and operated by the Catholic Church  for decades - some of them over 70 years. Similarly the regime closed 8 health stations last year. Within two years we have lost over 30 health centers that provided free health services to many hundreds of thousands in poor villages. Previously the regime has also taken over Catholic schools, which has resulted in degraded quality and availability of education in the country. Now that the health centers are closed, the vulnerable population has no alternative health care, and we are very concerned.

In recent years the four Catholic bishops in Eritrea have pointed out human rights violations in the country. Historically the Catholic Church in Eritrea has been very courageous in challenging the incumbent leaders of the last three regimes on human rights violations. The confiscations of schools and health centers is probably a form of revenge action by the regime. A week ago two nuns were imprisoned by the regime when they refused to give up the keys to the health center they worked for to soldiers who came without a legal order. This is a persecution of the Church and those who are called to serve the people. The situation in the country has been difficult for many years, but now the Catholic Church is paying a heavy price.

Following these events the bishops in Eritrea have appealed to all to fast and pray for some weeks. Here in Norway an application to demonstrate in solidarity with those affected has been submitted to the Oslo Police and the Parliament. We will keep you updated on this, but we, the Eritrean community in St. Olav parish want you to join us in your prayers in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Eritrea.

On behalf of our church members, we thank you in advance.





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