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St. Olav Catholic Cathedral Parish, Trondheim


Waiting for the new Bishop

From the pews in St. Olav cathedral we catch sight of something new up on the wall in the choir on the left side. Parish priest Egil Mogstad informs us that it is a copy of a head in soapstone from the choir of Nidaros Cathedral. The original dates back to the 14thcentury, and our copy was given to us by the Norwegian Government during the 150 years’ anniversary of the restoration of the Catholic Church in Norway in 1843, says fr. Egil.

There has been speculation about what kind of head this might be. One has reached the conclusion that it is not a representation of a saint or a specific person. It is a typos, which means a category: in this case the bishop. Its position in the Nidaros cathedral is no accident, it is placed on the right side seen from inside the choir and marks the liturgical position of the bishop during mass. 

Our copy is also in soapstone, with the same placement as the original in the Nidaros cathedral, says fr. Egil, and adds that our choir has the same diameter as the inner choir of Nidaros cathedral. After many years the bishop’s head has found its place in St. Olav cathedral. We might say that this points towards the appointment of our new bishop that we are waiting for, says fr. Egil. 





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