30 young confirmands and a packed Vår Frue Kirke

Above all this applies on the seven gifts of The Holy Spirit: wisdom, understanding, councel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear of the Lord. These will not appear from one moment to another, but we will see and experience them gradually more and more as we grow.

 A gift is a bond between the giver and the receiver. Applied in a correct and well considered manner, such a gift will be strengthened as the time goes, and the other way around - by being an ungrateful recipient who just throws the gift aside or takes it for granted, these same bonds may be broken.

We will find the true pleasure of a gift only when we make use of it. This also applies for The Holy Spirit. Still - if some among you (aimed at the confirmands) after a few years still have not made any use of this gift from The Holy Spirit, it will still be there and ready for use when you want it.

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