A joint effort for our new Cathedral

Twice as many regular donators is our first goal.In addition to donations from home and abroad, it has been necessary to borrow a substantial amount to finance our new cathedral, says parish priest Egil Mogstad. If all 6200 Catholics in Trondheim paid 50 NOK every month, it would cover the repayments of the loan.


Our Bishop asks all of us to give a regular sum each month to the New St. Olav Cathedral. No more than 60 people are doing this at the present moment. They pay from 100 to 2000 NOK each, 300 on average. The amount of the regular contributions cover one out of twelve monthly repayments per year. The other eleven are covered by Trondheim Diocese, says Per Albert Vold, who is economist for the diocese as well as St. Olav Parish.

The new church is Cathedral for the whole diocese and parish church for Catholics in Trondheim. This means that the financial responsibilities will be shared between the diocese and the parish.

A loan of 35 million NOK. The church will cost 100 million NOK, interior and furnishings excluded.  Generous donators among German Catholics, Bonifatiuswerk and several German dioceses have promised donations of 35 million NOK, which we will receive when the building is completed. We have received donations from people in Norway, too, and together with allocations from the diocese, this amounts to 30 million NOK. This leaves us with 35 million that must be financed by loans from the bank.

To the best of one´s ability.  It is absolutely necessary that we, the members of St.Olav parish, carry more of this burden by giving regular contributions to the new St. Olav Cathedral, in addition the contributions we give to the daily management of the congregation. Everyone must of course give to the best of one´s ability. However, the important thing is that the parishioners sign up for a fixed monthly contribution so that the economy will be predictable. We have new investments ahead of us, including a complete renovation of the parish hall, which will cost several million kroner. In addition, a chapel must also be constructed in the basement of the new church. This investment is not included in the current budget. Trondheim Diocese has in addition the responsibility to cover the expenses for the other congregations in Central Norway.

Start of the campaign on Sunday September11! Our short term aim is to double the number of donators, says Per Albert Vold. The campaign starts on Sunday 11 September. After all masses, there will be persons present at the back of the church who will answer questions relating to the future donations and who will register new donators.

Set up an AvtaleGiro now! Please fill in this form and send it by mail to Oslo Katolske Bispedømme, Akersveien 5, 0177 Oslo. If you need the form in English, it will be available at the back of the church after all Sunday masses from September 11.

Tax deduction. NOK 16.800 is an overall maximum limit in Norway of tax-deductible donations for non-profit purposes. If you fill in your birth- or social security number, the tax authorities will get the required information automatically from OKB. See also info from OKB in english on this matter.