A multi-cultural meeting place for women in St. Olav Parish

Trude Nicolaysen was appointed regional representative for Central Norway at the annual general meeting of The Norwegian Catholic Women's Association (NKKF). She is looking forward to starting a local group in our parish. She sees this as an opportunity to bring women together to create a community of women from from many different nations.

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The Norwegian Catholic Women's Association (<link http: www.katolskekvinner.no external-link-new-window external link in new>Norge Katolske Kvinneforbund) has not been active in Trondheim and Central Norway for many years. This is the opportunity for a new start. Many have signalled their wish to participate in the launching of NKKF. According to Trude Nicolaysen, the hope is that this group will be engaged both in parish activities and political activities which involve the situation of women. Ethical problems in connection with egg donation is likely to be a central topic for debate in the coming months.

Eight nations were represented at the AGM. It si hoped that many more will participate in the local work, says Trude. All women are most welcome. It is up to the individual whether one chooses to be an active member, or simply to support the women by being a passive member of the association.