A "new" chalice for the new liturgical year

On the first Sunday in Advent a chalice with a special significance for our parish was used. The history of this chalice goes back to the first Catholic congregation in Trondheim after the reformation. The inscription on it reads: Presbytero Eliæ Maesfranck - (belongs to) the priest Elias Maesfranck - 1871.

The altar in St. Olav interim church with the chalice on display.

The chalice had simply been forgotten, until Dom Albert Mazcka rediscovered it and had it cleaned and restored. As we enter this - for us special - liturgical year, when we will see the completion of our new church, it felt right to mark this link to our beginning, says parish priest Egil Mogstad.

"Nordpolmisjonen" (Praefectura Apostolica Poli Arctici, the Mission of the North Pole) was a Catholic Apostolic Mission, which was established in 1855 to undertake mission work north of the Polar Circle. Some parishes which were established under the Mission of the North Pole still exist. One example is St. Mikael in Hammerfest.

In Trondheim there were Catholics who profoundly wished that a parish would be established here. Although the city lay south of the Polar Circle, and thus was formally outside the jurisdiction of the mission, it was decided that the priest Elias Maesfranck would visit the Catholics of Trondheim in 1872. We can barely imagine what this must have meant for these "homeless" Catholics.

Two more years would pass before the parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was established in Trondheim, and then with the French priest Claude Dumahut  as parish priest.