A piece of the puzzle in place for New St. Olav Cathedral

On the Feast of St. Liborius in Paderborn in August 2013, jigsaw pieces were sold to raise money for New St. OlavCathedral in Trondheim. Nicole Veelo, who lives in Trondheim, read our presentation about this a few weeks back, and sent us a photo of her brother-in-law Nils Brandes, who was in Paderborn at the time. Here he is working to make his piece of the puzzle fit in!

Nils Brandes fits a piece of the puzzle to raise money for New St. Olav Cathedral. Photo: Nicole Veelo

The jigsaw with a motive from new St. Olav Cathedral is one of the many imaginative methods which Bonifatiuswerk uses to raise funds for "ein neuer Dom für Trondheim".

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