A very interesting organ

Our new organ may be heard for the first time on Friday November 18th at 17:30 hrs (see the programme in the right column). Organ builder Espen Selbæk and his two colleagues have worked intensively for a long time to complete the new organ.

Espen Selbæk in front of the facade during the construction process.

This is a special organ with an interesting history, he says. It consists of parts from several old organs as well as our own organ from the old St. Olav Cathedral. There are also some new parts. And the beautiful organ front comes from Singsås church.

Espen Selbæk has collected these parts during many years, many are from organs that were going to be replaced, with parts that were still in order. He has created an organ with a sound that is unique, and adapted to the particular requirements of this church, he says. Organist Kåre Pettersen has been of great help during the process, as the Diocese’s consultant.

Espen Selbæk and his firm has gone far beyond the contract with the Diocese. The agreement was for an organ with 15 pipes, but the result is a 24 pipes organ. This has been a very interesting project for me as an organ builder, says Espen, who decided to give the extra 9 organ pipes as a gift to the new St. Olav Cathedral!