A very special Christmas gift!

On Thursday the 22rd of December the new cross for St. Olav Cathedral arrived and was placed on top of the bell tower. We were in a hurry because of the darkness that was right around the corner, so we used the short version for the Solemn Blessing of a Cross, says parish priest Egil Mogstad. Our new cross was sprinkled with holy water and blessed, before it was lifted up and put in its place.


The 24th of December. Photo: Knut Einar Larsen

Blessing of the cross. Foto: Dominic Nguyen Van Thanh

Foto: Dominic Nguyen Van Thanh

The firm Andrzjei Sliwa made this two-and a half meter high cross which rests on a globe that has a diameter of 80 cm. It is made of gilded copper. This firm also made the steel construction of our church.The globe with the cross on top symbolizes Christ the King of the world.

This was the last piece for the exterior of our new cathedral, says p. Egil. It is a gift from one of the members of our parish.