A welcome visit and help with the busy Easter Liturgy.

P. Fredrik Hansen, directly from Rome, is visiting St. Olav Parish during Easter.

Fredrik Hansen was born in Drammen in 1979 and accepted into the full communion of the Catholic Church in 1999. He has studied at the University of Oslo, at the seminary at Allan Hall and at Heythrop College in England. He was ordained in 2007. He has worked as chaplain in Lillehammer, as private secretary to Bishop Bernt Eidsvig, and as prefect and later vice-rector at St. Eystein seminary. In addition, he has served in a number of different positions in the Church in Norway. He is now studying at The Papal Church Academy in Rome. He is in Trondheim during Easter to assist Dom Albert with the Easter Liturgy. We wish him welcome amd hope he has a blessed Easter in Trondheim.