Advent Retreat in English

St. Torfinn parish in Levanger will arrange an Advent Retreat in English on Sunday 18. November. Everyone in Trondheim diocese is welcome.

p.Dominic Thanh Van Nguyen writes:


Welcome to ADVENT RETREAT in English by Sr. Bituin A. Balaoing Sunday 18th November (you can come to Levanger from Saturday)


11:00- 18:00 included Holy Mass, talks and sharing and of course food.


Dear brothers and sister in Christ,

The season of Advent is coming very near and we in Levanger would like to prepare ourselves for this event. St. Bituin A. Balaoing has kindly agreed to come to Levanger to help us with it. This is advent retreat is in English and many Filipino person will be there, but it is open for all.

If you need a room to sleep before or after the retreat please let me know as soon as possible or if you need any information concerning the retreat please contact me by email or tel.91144591

Wishing you all a blessed Advent that coming soon

Yours in Christ

Fr. Dominic Thanh Van Nguyen

St. Torfinn Catholic church, Levanger.