An hour of reflection in Advent by Fr. Johan Dumandan

Fr. Johan is a Filipino priest who works in Bergen. He celebrates Filipino and English masses every first Sunday of the month in St. Olav in Trondheim. When he was here on 7. December he gave an Advent-reflection about how best to prepare ourselves throughout Advent. He made five important points:

Pater Johan Dumandan

First, we should remember that Christ is above everything, and that we should welcome Him into our lives. Life without Christ becomes forlorn. During Advent we should make an extra effort to let Him enter our homes and our hearts. This means making time for Him.  So make time every day, even if it is only a few minutes. Give those few minutes entirely to Christ.

 Second, we should remember to see Christ in all people. Our human tendency is to seek revenge and wish harm on people who hurt us. This is a tendency we must combat. We should examine our conscience before sleeping and ask for and offer forgiveness, remove our anger and impatience and be quiet before the Lord.

 Third, we should attend mass regularly. Holy Mass is the highest form of prayer. Grace is given us through Holy Mass. The most important sacrament is the Holy Eucharist because Jesus is present with us in body and blood. Our hearts should be one in the celebration of mass.

 Fourth, we should try to be a positive influence in our everyday lives. Be considerate and kind, share good things and speak encouraging words to people. Try to stop the vice of gossiping, which may destroy the reputation of others.

 Fifth, do not delay. Now is the waiting-time, now is Advent, give yourself to the Lord. The Lord will always receive you. He calls you now, do not delay.