Brochures about St. Olav in several languages

The National Commission for Olsok (St. Olav Feast) has published a brochure with information about the most important events in Olav Haraldssons life in eight different languages, says leader of the commission Unn Lindgard Madsø. Catholics from other countries should have the opportunity to learn about our National Saint, who by his death at Stiklestad in 1030 became the Eternal King of Norway, she says.

[Translate to Engelsk:] Unn Lindgard Madsø med brosjyre om Hellig Olav på 8 språk.

The brochures have been sent in digital version, ready for print, to every Catholic parish in Norway, in Norwegian, English, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese. If you do not find one in your language in your church, please ask the lokal priest.

Links to pdf format A4 is available here:

<media 15204 - - "TEKST, Norsk, Norsk.pdf, 609 KB">norsk</media>  <media 15205 - - "TEKST, engelsk, engelsk.pdf, 749 KB">engelsk</media>  <media 15206 - - "TEKST, polsk, polsk.pdf, 580 KB">polsk</media>  <media 15207 - - "TEKST, tysk, tysk.pdf, 534 KB">tysk</media>  <media 15208 - - "TEKST, fransk, fransk.pdf, 557 KB">fransk</media>  <media 15211 - - "TEKST, spansk 01, spansk_01.pdf, 632 KB">spansk</media>  <media 15212 - - "TEKST, tagalog 01, tagalog_01.pdf, 2.4 MB">tagalog</media>  <media 15213 - - "TEKST, vietnamesisk, vietnamesisk.pdf, 538 KB">vietnamesisk</media>