Candlelight in St. Olav church every Thursday morning in Advent

On this snowy morning, the early birds in St. Olav parish experienced the anticipation of Advent in a very special way. They had got up early to participate in the Rorate Mass at 7 am.

The church was lit with more than fifty candles, which created a warm atmosphere. The introit psalm for this mass opens with the line: Rorate coeli desuper et nubes pluant justum (Fall down, dew from heaven, and let the the clouds rain justice) – thus it is called Rorate Mass. The mass texts focus on Mary, Mother of God. These texts are also used on the 4th Sunday in Advent. The liturgy is an interplay of light and darkness - the mass is always celebrated before sunrise and the vestments are white in honour of Mary - to reflect the hope and anticipation we carry with us all through Advent. 

The editors are full of admiration for sacristan Dolores who had all the work with placing and lighting the candles, and for cantor Ulf who carried us through the graceful music. After mass, p.Peter served a splendid breakfast to all who were present. Thank you!

Did you miss out on the Rorate Mass? You have two more chances: Thursday 12. and Thursday 19. at 7 am!