Catechesis for Confirmation and First Communion will soon start

An invitation has been sent to everyone belonging to these age groups, but for different reasons some may not have received this by mail. The invitations are now available on our website. The Confirmation candidates should fill in the attached registration form.


<media 15847 - - "TEKST, invitasjon til foerstekommunionsundervisning hoesten 2017 02, invitasjon_til_foerstekommunionsundervisning_hoesten_2017_02.pdf, 107 KB">First Communion </media>

<media 15848 - - "TEKST, Invitasjon til konfirmantundervisning 2017-2018 01, Invitasjon_til_konfirmantundervisning_2017-2018_01.pdf, 115 KB">Confirmation</media>

<media 15849 - - "TEKST, Paameldingsskjema til ferming 2017 1037803 01, Paameldingsskjema_til_ferming_2017__1037803__01.pdf, 106 KB">Registration Form</media>