Catholic Forum 4. November: Rome - the eternal city

Architect, also "Cathedral Architect", Arne Gunnarsjaa has lived many years in Rome and knows the city well. He delights in sharing his knowledge and experiences with others. Many of us have had much pleasure from his book "Rome in small portions" as a guide on our visits to the city.

[Translate to Engelsk:] Tegning av Arne Gunnarsjaa fra boken "Roma i små porsjoner." Foto: Ragna Marina Thiis

Here is a small teaser from the talk he will give in Catholic Forum:

"The many and varied streets and plazas of Rome speak to us with the voice of many different epochs. They are often extremely voluble. Their chatter disrupt any chronological order and we often sense the voice of the ancient church speaking directly to us from past centuries. Chronology is not really of much help to understand the whole. The city encompasses eternity - despite all changes Rome gives the impression that it remains the same. It has the capacity for renewal, but retains its strong identity, its solemn and thoughtful personality, its gravitas. This, perhaps, is the reason why it is often called "the eternal city".

The talk will be given in Norwegian.