Catholic Pilgrim Book

Focusing on St. Olav, but useful for any pilgrimage, this handsome and practical hymnal and prayer book was published by the Olsok Commission under the auspice of the Norwegian Council of Catholic Bishops in 2012. In the introduction, Bishop Bernt I. Eidsvig says:

”Despite my preference for a comfortable life I have from time to time set out on a pilgrimage…and experienced how prayer, song and rosary can help transform the long hours, the heat of the day, the blistered feet and clouds of mosquitoes to a heartfelt joy.” And if you are unable to set out on a physical pilgrimage at Olsok, Bishop Bernt suggests that you instead set aside time every day for the nine (or seven or five) days leading up to 29. July, to pray for St. Olav’s intercession. This book gives you both the prayers and the songs, and the liturgy you may need along the way.

From the content we can mention the Mass and the Liturgical Hours for Olsok as well as a wide selection of songs and hymns. You will also find two good articles on pilgrimages, both for spiritual and physical healing.

The book has a practical A5-format and is ring-bound, making it possible to hold it open in one hand while fighting mosquitoes or holding an umbrella in the other, and it will fit comfortably in a largish pocket or a small back pack. The book is recommended to all pilgrims - people who are on the way – whether it is towards Nidaros and Olsok or to another sacred site. It is available from St. Eystein Bookshop in St. Olav Cathedral in Trondheim, price kr. 100.