Changes in Trondheim Diocese

During the Pontifical Mass in Nidaros Cathedral on the Feast of St. Olav, 29. July, Bishop Bernt Eidsvig announced the following changes in Trondheim Diocese:


Fron the left: Dom Albert Maczka, p.Egil Mogstad og p.Ole Martin Stamnestrø.

The present  parih priest in St. Olav parish and general vicar for Trondheim Diocese, dom Albert Maczka, will be returning to Klosterneuburg in Austria.  His contract with the Catholic Church in Norway is fulfilled by 15. August 2015.

Pater Egil Mogstad will be appointed Administrator of St. Olav parish from 15. August 2015, and as parish priest as from 29. October.

Pater Ole Martin Stamnestrø will be appointed General Vicar for Trondheim Diocese as from 16. August 2015.