Demolition permit obtained from Trondheim Local Council

Trondheim Local Council has now granted the necessary permissions for demolition of St. Olav church. The demolition will take place during June. Removing the floor is an especially tricky job and will be done under the supervision of archeologists, to prevent possible ancient cultural artifacts from being damaged. The authorities have also asked that the demolition work is thoroughly documented with photograpic records.

Stage 2 of the demolition will be carried out in late summer when the archeological digs around the church have been completed.

For those interested the letter from the Local Council Building Office is available here, in Norwegian.<media 13536 - - "TEKST, St. Olav kirke Rivetillatelse 01, St._Olav_kirke_Rivetillatelse_01.pdf, 1.7 MB"> her. </media>