Do you have any old curtains, clothes or furs?

NUK Youth Festival will be arranging their very own "Olav's Play. Can you donate material for the costumes?

During the summer 2012 Norway's Young Catholics (NUK) will arrange a summer camp. One of the activities will be a St. Olav's Play. We are busy making the costumes already and need old clothes, furs, leather belts,and material, such as old curtains, in fact anything which can be used to make costumes for a play depicting life in the year 1030 is welcome. If you should happen to have sewing machine you could lend us between 22 and 27 July, that would be of great help. Please contact Berit at <link moz-txt-link-abbreviated>

Materials can be handed to Berit With or left in the Book Shop with Per Albert and Jan Inge after the Sunday Mass, or when the Book Shop is open on Wednesdays from 5 pm till 6.30 pm,