Fantastic Youth Camp in Levanger!

During the weekend of April 24.-26. the Catholic Church of mid-Norway organized a youth camp in Levanger for the confirmation candidates. The theme this year was ”To grow in faith”.

Around 80 teenagers from mid-Norway participated. Ålesund, Molde, Kristiansund, Trondheim, Levanger, Verdal and  Steinkjer were all represented. The camp was led by Fr. Dominic and Fr. Ole Martin who were ably assisted by a host of group leaders: Suzana, Szymon, Cecilie, Vivian, Martha, Mireille, Erika, Pål, Jenny, and Katarina, who were further assisted by Giamy, Roksana, Michiko, and Anit. Fr. Piotr, Fr. Marcelin and Fr. Slawomir helped out in the confessional and a kitchen team led by Bjørn with good help from Bernadette, Lien and Elin ensured that there was plenty of good food available. With so many people there will be a big mess, and cleaning up was the responsibility of Isabel and Terje.

Isabel Bjørnås reports that despite a few anxious moments everything went smoothly. The few hitches that we encountered were quickly solved, says Isabel, thanks in no small degree to good leadership and clear house rules.

The camp started with mass in St Torfinn followed by dinner and getting-to-know-you activities. After evening prayers it was lights out at 11.30. To keep nightly activities to a minimum the boys were housed in Staup School  some distance away while the girls slept in St. Eystein. 

Saturday was filled with many different activities. Some focused on the topic “work”, others prepared to serve at the altar for mass, there was a session with questions to the priests, and everyone could go to confession. To let off steam football games were organized and everyone went for a walk or run. During mass, since this was the feast day of St Mark who received the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, Dominic encouraged the youngsters to use well the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit which they will receive on their confirmation day.

The day ended with a big celebration dinner with typical Norwegian cuisine, "kjøttkaker" with brown sauce and green peas.

Sunday mass started at 9 am. The youngsters had prepared a mix of Norwegian and English songs with the help of the organist Petter and the violinist Jens. Their favorite and final song was “God is an awesome God”. The main message from p. Ole Martin during this mass was:" Keep your faith strong, don't just put it in your pocket. Share your faith with friends and people you meet so that it will pass on even to the next generation.

Parting is always difficult after new friendships have been formed and p. Dominic reports quite a number of tears as the final farewells were said. 

Thank you to all: to all the wonderful youngsters, to the priests, the leaders and all the different helpers and workers who made this camp possible.

And to those of you who turn 18 this summer, hope to see you at World Youth Day in Krakow, July 17.-August 2., 2016.