Farewell to Pater Al

Our dear p.Alfeo Botero, “Pater Al”, will be leaving Trondheim in September. He returns to the Philippines to work in a district dominated by banana-plantations.

Our dear  p.Alfeo Botero, “Pater Al”, will be leaving Trondheim in September. His mission in Trondheim Diocese has come to an end and he will return to his native Philippines. As members of the congregation in St. Olav we are sad to see him go, but very grateful for the time he has spent with us. He arrived in our diocese in 2006, and came to St. Olav in 2009. This was a very difficult time in our parish, but by the grace of God and the help of Holy Mary (he describes himself as a Marian priest!) he has weathered all the storms and come through smiling and with a heart full of love. As he says, “We are completely united in Christ”.  He has enjoyed his work with the congregation, and has a special relationship to the student organization “Albert Magnus”.  In his farewell address to the congregation, on Sunday 19. August, he told a little story: Having just arrived in Trondheim, one of his colleagues asked him if he knew any Norwegian words or expressions. “Yes”, he replied joyfully, “I know Jeg elsker deg”! (I love you!) Everyone laughed at this, but for Pater Al it was an unforgettable and prophetic experience. He has indeed come to love each one of us and all his work here in St. Olav. He would have liked to remain here, but his bishop in the Philippines has need of him. His next position will be as chaplain of a vast district of banana plantations in the southern Philippines with numerous chapels and tens of thousands of parishioners. As we jokingly said to him, he will become a banana-priest! We wish Pater Al all the best and hope to see him back in Trondheim one day. If you want to stay in touch with pater Al, his email is albot07@gmail.com  He would love to see old friends from Trondheim, so if you visit the Philippines, drop by Davao City and say hello to Pater Al.