Farewell to pater Piotr

Pater Piotr Ostafin will be leaving St. Olav parish at the beginning of August and move to Levanger. St. Torfinn parish can really look forward to having such an able, caring and sociable chaplain in their parish. We will certainly miss p. Piotr here in St. Olav! Read the parish priest's announcement:

Pater Piotr during mass in September 2012.

Bishop Eidsvig has appointed  pater Piotr Ostafin chaplain to St.Torfinn parish in Levanger.

We would like to thank  pater Piotr for his services to St.Olav. The Bishop arrived at this difficult desision as a result of the fast growing demand for spiritual ministry in North Trøndelag. Pater Piotr has already supported p.Dominic during the last two years and is well aquainted with the large Polish group in the parish he will be serving. To ensure good and stable ministry for the whole district, which includes Namsos, Overhalla and Stjørdal as well as Levanger, p.Piotr's presence is invaluable. This is a challenging district, and we can expect that an independent chaplaincy led by p.Piotr soon will be established. I wish God’s blessing on p.Piotr, and pray that Mary Mother of God will protect him and that St. Olav will support him.

 Pater Piotr will remain with us here in St. Olav until 3. August. I make the announcement now, so that no one will be taken by surprise when they return from the holidays. We will all have the opportunity to say goodby to p.Piotr during the Olsok celebrations, to thank him for his ministry and wish him all the best in his new and demanding responsibilities in St. Torfinn parish.

 Two new priests from Tarnow bishopric in Polen will arrive in Trondheim, but the Bishop has as yet not decided which of them will be serving in Trondheim. Let us pray for the new priest. He must learn Norwegian, get to know Norwegian society and culture, the traditions associated with the Catholic Church in Norway, and he has to adjust to the climate! It is best to learn all this in Trondheim, here the learning opportunities are easily available. But this means that the priests in our parish are frequently replaced. When they finally have learnt the language and feel at home in the parish, they have to travel on to more independent appointments. It is not possible to send someone, who is not prepared, off to do such work. That would be a disservice both to the priest and the parish. As what happened with  p.Johannes, Etien and Grzegorz will now apply to p. Piotr.

 Fortunately we will be able to keep p.Egil in Trondheim for many years to come.