Farewell to Pope Benedikt

We would like to mark the occassion of Pope Benedikt's resignation by sharing the greeting from Bishop Bernt Eidsvg.

 <link http: www.katolsk.no nyheter biskop-eidsvig-en-tydelig-og-ryddig-kirkeleder-en-ydmyk-arbeider-i-herrens-vingard external-link-new-window external link in new>Hilsningsord fra Biskop Bernt Eidsvig Norwegian

Summary in English of Bishop Bernt Eidsvik's greeting:

Pope Benedict was clear and tidy in all the challenges he met as pope. That he now resigns as a result of failing health is another aspect of his clarity. He has been a courageous and hard-working pope with many difficult challenges to face, not least the terrible child abuse tragedies. In his work here he has set an example of good leadership for all our bishops, for which we are very grateful. He is now returning to his beoved theology. We thank our Lord God for Pope Benedict's clarity and leadership through these seven years.The true leadership of the Church is in the hands of Jesus Christ. We place the future of the Church in his hands.