Finger-gold Mass,"Fingergullsmesse", 12. september

The old, wooden calendar, the "Primstav", carries the symbol of the sun for this day. Finger-gold Mass was only celebrated in Nidaros to commemorate the arrival in 1165 of a relic, probably brought by Archbishop Eystein Erlendsson.

[Translate to Engelsk:] Schola Sanctae Sunnivae, illustrasjon fra CD-en Fingergullofficiet

'Finger-gold' signifies a golden ring, and it is assumed that a capsule with a drop of blood, said to be from Christ the Lord, was encased in the ring. The Finger-gold office was rediscovered by accident. The pergament with text and notes had been used to to cover and bind the Danish accounts after the Reformation in 1536. After the Reformation, the Finger-gold office was forbidden, along with so many other Catholic curstoms and traditions. 

The Office has again reached a wider audience through the CD issued by the choir Schola Sanctae Sunniva.