From The USA to The Feast of St. Olav in Trondheim!

We met Fr. Rolf while we studied the grave site of Bernt Julius Muus at the Nidaros cemetery. Nine year-old Sindre was interested in the inscription saying that Muus was the founder of St. Olaf College. At this moment a Catholic priest by the name of Fr. Rolf came by, and he informed us that he had studied at St. Olaf College. Fr. Rolf had come all the way from Minneapolis to celebrate The Feast of St. Olav, and visit the places of his ancestors!

Father Rolf by the tomb of Bernt Julius Muus.

We agreed to meet after the final dinner in the community room of the parish, inside the interim church to hear more. It turns out that Fr. Rolf and two other priests from Minneapolis (also of Norwegian-American heritage) had arrived for The Feast of St. Olav in Trondheim following an adventurous journey observing the Norwegian landscape. He had heard that Bernt Julius Muus was buried here, and one of the things he wanted to do while in Nidaros was finding his gravestone, and pray for him.

The mass for St. Olav in the Nidaros Cathedral was a great experience, the highlight of the journey, said Fr. Rolf. Along with the excitement was also the sorrow that Nidaros is not our cathedral anymore, and that we must carry The Holy Sacrament out of the church at the end of mass. We must pray for Christian unity said Fr. Rolf, who is very thankful for the hospitality among his Catholic brothers and sisters he met on the journey. There is so much happiness to see in the Catholic Church in Norway, he says.