GIVE 200 KR TO THE WEBSITE'S DIGITAL COLLECTION BOX! Support Caritas' efforts to help the refugees in Europe!

On Sunday 30. August pater Egil read an important letter from our bishops, where they encourage us to support the work done by Caritas to help all the desperate people who are coming to Europe every day, fleeing from war and destruction. GIVE YOUR SUPPORT! Send SMS code word KRISE 8 to 2160!

Photo: New York Post,

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Most of these are hoping to find a peaceful harbour, a job and the possibility of a meaningful and good life. Before they can get that far, they require help with the most basic needs, drinking water, food, soap, nappies for the infants, medicines for those in ill health etc. 

To make it easy for you to support Caritas' work for the refugees I have opened a digital collection box under the direction of Caritas. 

Our box number is 8. To put money in this box,

send SMS code word KRISE 8 to 2160

This SMS costs Kr 200, which then will be your contribution to the refugees. The amount will be charged to your telephone bill. 

Support the work of Caritas!

Hæge Hestens