Happy New Year!

We had hoped that we would not have to start this year with tickets and strict restrictions, but that is not how it turned out, and we must comply with the authorities' orders. This means that we currently only have 50 seats in Sunday masses and High masses, and 20 places in everyday masses that are not High masses.

One of the new orders we received just before Christmas was that we MUST register in which place everyone who participates in Mass sits when we have 50 participants - something some of you have probably noticed the consequences of during Christmas. NB! This only applies to Sundays and high masses with up to 50 participants.

We have chosen to try a solution based on the participant lists printed from the ticket system, where you simply have to sit in the place that has the same number as your name on the participant list. We understand that this may not feel practical all the time, but the alternative to everyone sitting in a designated place is that we can only have twenty (20) Mass participants, as we have on weekday masses.

Our humble encouragement to you who have tickets to Mass is therefore that you for a short period try to be a little extra flexible. So that everyone gets their place, and we do not wear out the volunteers who, after all, do the best they can and just try to follow the authorities' orders. If you do not know which place to sit in, you can ask the church host.

Those who live together and are usually in the same cohort can sit closer together than one meter - provided that they do not end up too close to another cohort. It is also allowed to exchange places with each other, but in that case try to make sure that it is noted on the list where you have sat (either yourself, or if the pastor does).

It has happened a lot lately that there are no more tickets left in the ticket system, but once you get to Mass there are vacancies in the church. Of course, we want as many people as possible to come to Mass, and will therefore strongly encourage anyone who has tickets they can not use to cancel these, so that someone else can use the seat.