High mass with the Nordic bishops

How wonderful it is that we can celebrate today’s mass here in one of the most holy places in Scandinavia, said Cardinal Anders Arborelius as he began the celebration of the 4th Sunday of Lent in St. Olav Cathedral in Trondheim.

Photo Jan Erik Kofoed

Photo Jan Erik Kofoed

Several bishops were gathered in connection with the Nordic Bishops’ Conference. Bishop Bernt Eidsvig announced that this mass was dedicated to Bonifatiuswerk, represented at the Bishops’ Conference by msgr. Georg Austen. Through their Diaspora program Bonifatiuswerk contributed to the building of the new St. Olav cathedral with nearly one third of the funding. Present was also bishop Dominikus Meier of Paderborn, the seat of Bonifatiuswerk. Together with the rest of the clergy of Paderborn, he has always had an eye for Scandinavia and our needs, said bishop Bernt Eidsvig, as he expressed heartfelt thanks to all the German donators.

The other bishops who participated in the Bishop’s Conference were also duly presented, before the beautiful and solemn celebration of mass in St. Olav cathedral, that was filled to capacity for the occasion.

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