Important visit from St. Bonifatiuswerk 17-25 March

St. Olav parish will be visited by the journalist Harald Oppitz from St. Bonifatiuswerk in Germany. Egil Mogstad has given us the following text and says: Please receive him well!

Dear friends in Christ,

We lack the financial clout to build the new St.Olav Cathedral on our own. We are heavily dependent on friends willing to help us, and some of our best friends and helpers are to be found in the Church in Germany.

Much of this help is organised through St. Bonifatiuswerk. Their unstinting support has been forthcoming for many decades. Systematically and with great generosity they have supported the Catholics in the Nordic countries. Here in Trondheim the latest visible result is the Brigittine Monastery at Tiller.

Now they are ready once again to help with the new St. Olav Cathedral. During the Catholic Church Meeting in Mannheim in May 2012, our German friends in Christ will propose the support for two major projects: new central church in Leipzig in eastern Germany and our new cathedral in Trondheim!

To present our needs and dreams, St. Bonifaziuswerk will next week send a journalist to Trondheim. He will attempt to capture our reality in pictures and words which can be presented at the German Church Meeting in Mannheim and be disseminated via internet.


Please receive him well - and talk to him! If you have no German, English or Norwegian will serve just as well. The important thing is to show him that we believe in the future of the Church in Norway and Trondheim, and although we may be poor financially, we are abundantly rich in faith, hope and charity!