John Paul II’s square in Trondheim!

11. October 2018 was an important day in Trondheim, when a contemporary Catholic saint had a square named after him, supported by the Municipality of Trondheim. We were met with goodwill all the way, said parish priest Egil Mogstad as he recounted the process of naming the square in front of St. Olav Cathedral after St. John Paul II, in memory of his visit in 1989.



Photo: Eli Åm

Photo: Jan Erik Kofoed

Photo: J.E.K.

After the inauguration of the square by bishop Bernt Eidsvig, a votive mass to the holy pope was celebrated in St. Olav Cathedral. In his homily Bishop Bernt Eidsvig dwelt on the memories from the pope’s visit. He told of the great impact that John Paul II made upon young people he met. The papal visit to Trondheim was one of the highlight on his tour in Scandinavia. With the Lutheran bishop Kristen Kyrre Bremer he knelt in the Nidaros Cathedral, and he spoke to the whole of Christianity during his visit. There are many stories about how affected people were along the road where the saint passed.

After mass our Polish friends invited all of us to a reception in the parish hall to celebrate the great event.