Light in the dark of night.

The Easter Vigil was  celebrated in St. Olav Cathedral by Fathers Slawomir and Marlo, assisted by a few helpers, - on behalf of us all. This is how it was this year, but on behalf of all of us. Because, in a way, we all participated through our longing for community around the altar and Eucharist.

No powers, visible, or invisible as virus, can keep us away from Christ. May the light from Him be brought out into the world by us, to all around us!

Christ is risen, yes, He is truly risen!

Dear friends, together with the president of our local Caritas, Florence Moufack, I want, as your Parish priest, to challenge you:

In these days we meet many obstacles in the practice of our faith. The public Masses are cancelled, and for Stations of the Cross and the Rosary we are not allowed to be more than five gathered, keeping distance. This leads of course to frustration, even despair among many of us, but we know at the same time that if we do not follow the rules and restrictions imposed by the authorities, we risk being guilty of spreading contamination and disease.

Our own Caritas has been asked by the authorities to help bringing out information about the Corona virus and about what we can do to protect ourselves and each other. Together with the president of our local Caritas, Florence Moufack, I will, as your Parish priest, insistently ask you all to seek information and contribute to that all around you know and follow these simple rules for saving lives:

  • Stay at home
  • Wash your hands often
  • Keep distance to others

We know that many feel alone these days. Therefore Florence and I myself will encourage you all to think about whether you know anyone that you could phone and talk with. When we now so rarely meet face to face, it becomes more important to show in this way that we care for each other. Let us become telephone friends! May be we could make it our goal to phone at least five other persons every day? Otherwise, contact us priests or Caritas with any questions on how to proceed as Telephone Friend.

Other ways to find more information or help is to go to Caritas Trondheim corona-supportgroup on Facebook or Caritas Norway resource center on Facebook.