More good news about the interior furnishings of new St. Olav Cathedral

While the contours of our new church are becomming clearer, the details of the interior furnishings are also falling into place. The Spanish firm Granda is central in this. For now, the Stations of the Cross, the Tabernacle and the Sacramental Lamp have all been completed and we can enjoy photographs of these beautiful objects.

The Stations of the Cross

From left: Our indefatigable fund-raiser Isabel Bjørnaas, Fr. Barath and Bishop Bernt Eidsvig together with two representatives of the firm Granda.

The Tabernacle

The Sacramental Lamp

In October 2015, Bishop Bernt Eidsvig, together with Isabel and Terje Bjørnaas, went to Spain to visit the firm Granda. The visit resulted in the placement of an order for Stations of the Cross, Tabernacle and Sacramental Lamp. The cost of these items have been covered by gifts from two families in the parish.

The motifs of the Stations of the Cross have been completed in silver-coated brass on a bronze background with the actual crosses in wood. The Tabernacle is made in green marble with gold-coated metal trim. The Sacramental Lamp is brass with green enameled stones which match the Tabernacle.