Moved and impressed after the celebration of St. Olav at Stiklestad and in Trondheim

The Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Henryk Józef Nowacki, had a desire to participate in this year's Olsok-celebrations. He expresses surprise and joy at the extensive participation in the celebration of St. Olav. "This is a living tradition," says the Nuncio in an interview with the editors of the web page.

"Processions and packed churches, both at Stiklestad Old Church on the 28. and in Nidaros Cathedral on the 29. is witness to the fact that St. Olav still lives. And that is the way with saints, they live among us, they never die. We are always free to call on them, and they will listen. That you consider St. Olav Norway's perpetual King is good for you and good for your country."

The Nuncio is the pope's ambassador to the five Nordic countries, and the pope's representative of the Catholic Church in these countries. He lives in Stockholm. 

"In a continuously more secular world, such celebrations are very important. In a country where the Catholic Church is a minority, as it is in Norway, it is impressive that so many join in the celebration. This is a witness of faith, in a world where more and more  live their lives as if God does not exist. Those who possess the gift of faith have an inner security which can never be replaced by that which man has created," concludes the Nuncio.