Musical visit from Germany

On Sunday 15. June, St. Olav parish had an enjoyable visit from Germany. Choralschola und Vokalensemble from the church Alte Kapelle in Regensburg sang for us during mass at 11 am. They sang mass VIII: De angelis, a mass the congregation know well. Thank you to the choir and its leader, Professor Josef Kohlhäufl, for beautiful music in our interim church.

The visit from Regensburg was organized through music professor at NTNU Roman Hankeln. The choir's conductor, Professor Josef Kohlhäufl, is an international authority in Gregorian Music. He is now retired, but up until 2011 he was professor of Gregorian Music in Vienna and conductor for the diocesan church in Regensburg,"Unsere liebe Frau zur alten Kapelle" (Our dear Lady of the Old Chapel). At the moment he is working with a new edition of of the gregorian music which is sung at masses (Graduale Novum). 

The choir which visited St. Olav is a choral schola consisting of earlier singers from Regensburg Cathedral. The choir was very impressed with how lively and engaged the masses are celebrated in Trondheim. From Germany they are not used to congregations singing along so confidently both in the mass and Salve Regina. For this we owe much gratitude to our own cantor, Ulf Schancke, who organises the masses so that the congregation is encouraged to participate in the singing.

If you wish to read more about the church Alte Kapelle or about the choir Vokalensemble Alte Kapelle, there is much information on the web, for example here:

<link http: wiki _blank><wbr></wbr>tift_zu_Unserer_Lieben_Frau_(R<wbr></wbr>egensburg)

or here: <link http: htm km_choralschola.html _blank><wbr></wbr>/km_choralschola.html