New digital organ in St. Olav interim church

To the delight of both our cantor and the parish we now have a new organ installed. This is a great improvement compared to the relatively simple instrument Cantor Ulf Schancke has had at his disposal during the year that has passed since the church was demolished.

A visiting priest put it rather succinctly after having heard cantor Ulf play the old, simple instrument at mass. He said: "It is unbelievable what you can manage to get out of that old tin can!" 

Now we no longer have an old tin can. The new organ is a Vivaldi organ from the Dutch firm Johannus, and this will make the sung masses in St. Olav interim church a different musical experience altogether. 

When we finally move into the new St. Olav Cathedral, and our restored church organ finds its place, the Johannus organ will probably serve as practice organ.