New information for the Olsok program

The leaflet for Olsok is available for download in four languages.

There will be "mini-seminars" on Friday and Saturday evenings with sr Anne Elizabeth Sweet and sr Hanne-Maria Berentzen from Tautra Mariakloster. "We hope these mini-seminars can be an inspiration for an active, everyday life of faith", says Guro-Marte Gulstad from the local Olsok-comittee.

The St. Olav altar front for the New St. Olav Cathedral in Trondheim. Painted by sr.Else-Marie Norland.

Leaflet for The Feast of St. Olav may be downloaded (in PDF):
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(See also  Olsok 2013 in left column)

The sisters will give an introduction which will be followed by an open discussion. All are welcome!

Friday 26. July: The Pilgrim-psalms as prayers for our own pilgrimage.

Introduction by sr Anne Elizabeth Sweet OCSO 

Pilgrimage to God’s Temple in Jerusalem was an important part of Israel’s religious practice, both for the high feast days and as an expression of personal prayer and devotion.   For this was the dwelling place of God.   Within the book of Psalms, Israel’s book of prayer, we find more than a few Psalms focusing on this theme.  These pilgrimage psalms were prayers for the journey.  

In this presentation, we will focus on these Psalms as prayers for our own “pilgrimages” – our own journeys to the holy places where we find the dwelling place of God, whether it be a shrine such as Nidaros,  God’s Temple in the heavenly Jerusalem at the end of our life, or the dwelling place of God in our heart. 

This presentation will be in English, but handouts will be available in both Norwegian and English.  It will be helpful to have a Bible. 


Saturday 27. July: Can St. Olav inspire our daily life as Christians?

Introduction by sr Hanne-Maria Berentzen OCSO 

How do we keep and sustain our faith in the hurley-burley of everyday life? Where and how do we get the help we need to live as Christians in a secular society?

Sr. Hanne-Maria Berentzen OCSO from Tautra Mariakloster will give an introduction and challenge you to join in the conversation. We will consider the balance between individual practice and how we can use the help, support and challenges from the Christian community, both Catholic and ecumenical. We will try to develop a dialogue which is both spiritual and practical, and which may lift us to new heights - all with the help of St. Olav.