New liturgical vestments for Olsok

St. Olav parish in Trondheim has received a wonderful gift from generous parishoners: Made-to-order chasubles and other liturgical vestments with St. Olav's axe and crown as the central symbols. These vestments will underscore the solemnity and elevate the celebration of St. Olav's Feast - Olsok.

"It is a stupendous gift we have received from Isabel and Terje Bjørnaas" says our Parish Priest Dom Albert Maczka. In addition to three chasubles, we have received two dalmatics (vestments for deacons), one hooded cope (for use during liturgical hours) a processional pall (for covering relics during processions) and a pall for the chalice. The red colour symbolizes the martyrdom of the saint-king and the axe and crown are his attributes.

Dom Albert calls this "an historical event". It is the first time St. Olav parish has received  vestments made for the purpose of celebrating a special feast, and this emphasizes the solemnity and increasing importance of Olsok. The last time anything like this happened was when Sigrid Undset donated chasubels to the Catholic Chapel at Stiklestad. "I cannot thank our generous benefactors enough," says Dom Albert Maczka with a big smile.