News about people in St.Olav parish

P. Grzegorz Rafal Orkisz has moved from Trondheim to Kristiansund. Egil Mogstad is going to Paris for a year to study theology. Kamil Fedorczyk has arrived to complete his practical training in St. Olav parish.

P.Grzegorz  has been appointed parish priest in St. Eystein parish, Kristiansund. He left St. Olav parish on 1. September, having served as chaplain in St. Olav for almost a year. We would like to thank him for his wonderful contribution to our parish and we wish p.Grzegorz and the parishoners in Kristiansund all the best with all their undertakings.

Egil Mogstad received his ordination candidature from Bishop Bernt Eidsvig on the 28. Juli 2012. As candidate for the priesthood for the Diocese of Trondheim he will undertake studies in Paris for one year. Bishop Eidsvig plans for Egil's ordination as chaplain to take place at the Feast of St. Olav 2013, and the ordination for the priesthood at Christmas 2013. Egil was an ordained priest in the Norwegian Lutheran Church before he was accepted into the Catholic Church and he has served his noviciate with the Dominicans. We congratulate Egil with the canditature and wish him a productive and blessed year in Paris.

Candidate for the priesthood Kamil Fedorczyk has arrived in Trondheim from St.Eystein Seminary to begin six months of practical training in St. Olav Parish. He had studied theology in Poland before arriving at St. Eystein's in 2008. A warm welcome is hereby extended to Kamil. We hope he will feel at home in our parish.